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Advantage Updates – January 2018

16th January, 2018

2017 was a busy year for us overall and December was no exception.


New Business

We were delighted to finish the year on a high by securing not only some new start up business and some high net worth clients, but also two large commercial clients.

One client operates in the pharmaceutical industry and the other in the reprographics business.

Two very diverse companies but both impressed by our propositions and support. We look forward to long and mutually supportive relationships.

If you would like us to review your exposure to risk and how we are different, Let’s talk.


Advantage Protect Newsletter

We launched our newsletter ‘Advantage Protect’ in December and sent a copy to our existing clients and prospects.

Designed to be informative yet easy to read, giving talking about some insurance matters and introducing readers to our team, we intend this to be a regular event.

The feedback so far has been positive and we plan to issue another copy at the end of March.

If you would like to be added to the ever growing distribution list, please contact us.


New Office

This year is starting with a bang – we are moving to new offices. Currently occupying offices on the ground and third floor at Matrix House, we are moving everything to the sixth floor.

The views are amazing but the thought of all those stairs is daunting – it will keep us fit!