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Bespoke often feels like a luxury, but when it comes to protecting your business it’s a necessity.


Bespoke often feels like a luxury, but when it comes to protecting your business it’s a necessity. This is especially true if you have specialist premises, carry a lot of stock and manage a large team of staff.

With so many areas to cover, you can be a lot more exposed to liability and risk so it’s really important to make sure your insurance recognises the unique aspects of your business.

So why chose Business Combined Insurance?

It’s really the all round star, like the kid in school who aced everything. It allows you to mix and match and combine areas that really work for you. It’s comprehensive, taking into account all the risk you face within your industry – everything from weather damage to your property to dealing with stock lost in transit. The primary focus with Business Combined is less disruption to your everyday business.

Where do we come in?

At Advantage, our whole ethos is based around providing for the individual. We have a knack for designing bespoke risk management and insurance solutions that have impact. We’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of Business Combined Insurance, based on three core principles:


As much as we would like to, we can’t prevent incidents occurring but we can make sure that you don’t suffer high costs and profit loss from not having the right cover in place. We can work with you to establish your specific needs, tailoring your programme to meet the specific regulations within your industry.


Keeping your fingers crossed that everything is going to be ok is a bit of risky tactic so why not make sure you’re prepared to face a range of issues that can affect business. This varies between companies but we can help you address:

  • Damage or loss – whether there is an accident in the warehouse or a delivery driver leaves an important parcel in the wrong place, correct cover minimises the hassle and fallout from dealing with those issues.

  • Mistakes – there we said it, and why not, we’re all human. It’s best to be realistic about the fact that they’re going to happen and protect yourself for when they do. With the right combination, you’ll be prepared for incidents that might occur – from an IT system failure to a post-production product recall.

  • Legal action – this is something we all dread and it can come from all angles – fraudulent behaviour from employees, or defending yourself against third parties. Business Combined can protect your financial health, by covering costs associated with all these types of claims.


We take the personal approach and make sure we get to know you, your business and even the wider industry you work in. This is so we can really make sure we tailor policies to your needs, right through from review to renewal.

We want to work with you to show how valuable this type of insurance is, help you to minimise disruption to your day-to-day and give you the chance to show your professionalism and credibility by being fully prepared.

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